Examination System

Following is the Examination Pattern and Schedule.

Results of the Formative, Cycle & Summative Examinations are intimated to the parents through Achievement Record, on Open Days.

Examination Rules :

  • Students with a minimum attendance 80% alone are permitted to take up the Summative Examination.
  • Students with Fee Arrears will not be permitted to take up the Summative Examinations.
  • No re-examination will be conducted for the absentees.
  • Absentees should submit Leave Letter in the prescribed Leave Format. In case of Sickness, Medical Certificate should be attached along with Leave Letter.

Promotion Criteria

PROMOTION CRITERIA: The school conducts four Formative Exams and Two Summative Examinations. The minimum pass percentage in each of the subjects in these Examinations is 35 % . For the final promotion stipulated percentage of marks will be taken from each of the examinations as follows:

Formative Exam 1 10%
Formative Exam 2 10%
Summative Exam 1 20%
Formative Exam 3 20%
Formative Exam 4 10%
Summative Exam 2 40%
Cumulative Total 100%

The student is deemed promoted if he / she secures 35 % in each subject in the Cumulative Total.

In case a student is absent for the Annual Examination, owing to Sickness, duly certified by a Medical Practitioner , his / her promotion will be considered based on the previous examinations.

Scholastic Awards

The following Awards are instituted by the School.

  • Topper of the Topper Shield - The Students securing the highest total in each class will be awarded this shield.
  • Certificate of Merit - The certificate of Merit is awarded to the students securing Centum in individual subject, in the Formative and the Summative Exams.
  • Merit Scholar Badge - The students who get the 1st rank in each section of every standard in both Formative and Summative exams will be awarded this badge.
  • Students’ Prefectorial System - The School aims at developing leadership qualities in students to mould them become Nation Builders.
  • The council comprises of the School Pupil Leader and an Assistant School Pupil Leader . Further there are Head Boys and Head Girls for each compartment. The school also appoints Presidents, Vice Presidents for the various clubs like Literary Club, Science Club,Maths Club, Quiz Club & Fine Arts Club.