Academic excellence is surely the prime consideration of VIDYALAYA. It is our firm conviction that all students are capable of learning and progressing. It is also our belief that education becomes actually meaningful when students are independent learners knowing to construct their knowledge independently. The school encourages the students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development.

velammal vision

Mode of Education & Instruction

velammal vision

In order to impart qualitative education, providing for students at the Pre-Primary, Primary and Middle School Levels, Opportunities to learn “Hands-on” Activities and gain “Minds-on” Experiences, the school has introduced Digital Teaching through Multimedia.

The essence of education being not only to train the mind to think but to bring out the multifarious hidden talents in the child as well, the school focuses on the holistic development of the students by providing them with diverse Extra Curricular Activities and Sports.